LED Tree Birch Lamp

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Power Supply: EU US Plug,usb plug Light Color: adjustable Color: White Body Material: Led Bulb, Copple Wire Shell Material: PVC Modeling: White Birch Tree Input Voltage: 110 - 220V Luminous Flux: 2LM Length: 90CM Protection Level: IP54


1. LED lights meet the need of brightness,energy saving and long life up to 50000 hours. 220V adaptor safe with low voltage power 2. Convenient installation and movement,can be reused. Suitable for Home, living room, balcony, office, children's room, restaurant, porch, pavilion, lobby, pub, driveway, garden, lawn, Festival, Party, Christmas decoration. 3. You can bend the branches and the tree into any shape or more natural tree shape as you like.

EU plug US plug

This button adjusts the brightness and mode of the light